Sacred Heart


Catholic Church

Due to inclement weather, there will be no 8:00am Mass this Sunday morning, December 10th. Faith Formation classes have also been cancelled. 

Liturgical Commission Coordinators


Liturgical Commission Head - Pat Wahus - 699-2494

Altar Servers - Bill Robertson - 884-3475

Environment - Cecile Voso - 883-3885

Eucharistic Ministers - Cecile Voso - 883-3885

Lectors - Donna Raspa - 862-8539

Music - Tom Currie - 778-1301

Liturgical Minister Scheduler - Chris Baglio - 862-4696

Special Prayer Groups - Dick Smith - 553-2677

Ushers - Dave Wahus - 862-8554


The Liturgical Commission serves our Sacred Heart family by organizing all aspects of the weekend and Holy Day Masses.


If you would like to volunteer as a liturgical minister (altar server, lector, Eucharistic Minister, etc.), please contact the coordinator in charge of that ministry.