Sacred Heart


Catholic Church

Volunteer Sign Up sheets for the Community Christmas Dinner are available in the Gathering Area. Please sign up if you have any interest in volunteering!

Liturgical Commission Coordinators


Liturgical Commission Head - Pat Wahus - 699-2494

Altar Servers - Bill Robertson - 884-3475

Environment - Cecile Voso - 883-3885

Eucharistic Ministers - Cecile Voso - 883-3885

Lectors - Donna Raspa - 862-8539

Music - Tom Currie - 778-1301

Liturgical Minister Scheduler - Chris Baglio - 862-4696

Special Prayer Groups - Dick Smith - 553-2677

Ushers - Dave Wahus - 862-8554


The Liturgical Commission serves our Sacred Heart family by organizing all aspects of the weekend and Holy Day Masses.


If you would like to volunteer as a liturgical minister (altar server, lector, Eucharistic Minister, etc.), please contact the coordinator in charge of that ministry.